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Catfish Bend Riverboat Casino II
(© Tim & Lori Powell)

Celebration Belle

Chattanooga Star
(© Steve Campion)

(© Richard L. Kurtz)

(© Richard L. Kurtz)

Creole Queen
(© Barry Griffith)

Delta Queen

Diamond Jo
(© Tim & Lori Powell)

E. L. Thumper
(© Richard L. Kurtz)

(© Richard L. Kurtz)

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Dick's Riverboat Gallery
Featuring Riverboats on the Mississippi, Ohio, and other U.S. Rivers
Richard E.(Dick) Dunbar, Gallerymaster
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This web site is dedicated to the display of pictures of and information about the rich diversity of modern and historic riverboats that ply the rivers of the United States, primarily the Mississipi and Ohio, but also any of the other inland rivers. It is an extension of or complement to my other web site, Dick's Towboat Gallery. Over the years I have accumulated a collection of pictures of various boats as they passed by our home, and I will be displaying as many as I can on this site. Except where otherwise noted, these photographs were taken by me, in various locations in and around St. Paul, MN, mostly near mile 819.4 on the Upper Mississippi River (UMR), about twenty miles downstream of St. Paul. At any given time, some of them may have been taken just yesterday.

If you have good photographs you have taken of riverboats on the Mississippi, or the Ohio, or any of the Western Rivers, and you would like them displayed here, send them to me via an e-mail attachment, and I will post them along with the proper credits. I may adjust color balance, brightness, contrast, etc., and/or crop them as I feel necessary, although I'll try to disturb your work as little as possible. Photos are typically displayed here at 640 x 480 resolution, but I prefer starting with higher resolution photos so that there is more leeway for cropping. My e-mail is on broadband, so any resolution that's not too painful for you to upload is OK.
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Where known, the size and power of the boat, documentation number, name change history and other items of interest are shown along with the photograph(s). Most of this and other information shown was taken from the 2004 - 2008 editions of "INLAND RIVER RECORD", edited by Dan Owen. Copies are available through "The Waterways Journal".

Others who have contributed pictures and/or information of value to the Riverboat Gallery:

    "Towboat Joe" Brown   Steve Campion   Heather Cecil   Ray Falk   Capt. Bob Felch
    Barry Griffith   Mark Hovis   Richard L. Kurtz   Dan Owen   Fred Pierce
    Bill Pilger   Tim & Lori Powell   Ed Mars   Don Rodriguez   Joe Schneid
    Capt. Billy Smith

Many thanks for your contributions. They are greatly appreciated.
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Click on the main image above or on any boat name in the menus on the left, and you will be taken to a page containing the photo(s) of that boat. Click on any image in the thumbnails list below the menus on any page, and a larger version of that image will replace the main image on the current page. Clicking on one of the arrows next to the thumbnails list on any page will rotate the list up or down. Clicking on the 'NEXT' or 'PREV' legends above or below the main image on any page will cause a larger version of the next or previous image in the thumbnails list to replace the current image. Some pages may have access to full resolution versions of some images. In these cases, clicking on the main image or the explanatory legend below it will display the full resolution image, which may be quite large. Enjoy!
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